299: You Need A Hobby

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
299: You Need A Hobby


My wife told me recently that I needed a hobby. I think she noticed that, even though things were going really well in my real estate business, that I seemed to be stressed a lot. I needed something to take my mind off real estate. At the time I really resisted—after all, I already had a hobby—I play Madden, I watch sports. She pointed out that I get mad when I lose at Madden and that a hobby isn’t something that makes you mad. She had a point. She said I needed something that would take my mind off work without frustrating me. She had a point, but at the time I didn’t realize I wasn’t getting that. I really enjoyed our time in Florida doing things I didn’t get to do on a normal day in Lancaster. I was reminded on this trip that I do need a hobby. I ended up buying a pretty expensive L-series lens for my camera while on holiday and I had a great time taking pictures of the Phillies spring training. I really found a new love for photography. I wouldn’t want to do it as a paying job, but I loved doing it for fun. It really brought me a sense of calm, peace, and enjoyment. So, I ended up realizing that I do need a hobby, and I encourage you to get a hobby too. You need something to take your mind off real estate sometimes. Not that real estate isn’t great, because it is—I never could have imagined how much I love it. There’s no W2 job out there that would let me go away for five weeks with my family. Real estate is awesome, but one of the downsides is that you’re never really clocked out. Valerie and I have figured out a system where it’s ok that I basically have to work every day. But while in Florida, I had the freedom to work for only 30 minutes to an hour some days. Imagine a job where you get to be gone more than 10% of the year. It just doesn’t happen—so real estate has the major advantage of being able to be away and work from anywhere. But you do work every day, so you still need that release and break from real estate. That’s why you need a hobby. Mine is going to be going out and having fun, taking pictures of sports. Another thing I really love is going to the movies. It’s something that I don’t mind doing by myself because I can just sit there and enjoy the movie. I plan on going to more movies, and I want to encourage you to do something you love as well. I’m here on this podcast to encourage and motivate you, and hopefully help you have a successful business, but if you don’t have some kind of release to get a break from your work, you will burn out. So, you need a hobby. I would love for you to commit to doing something you enjoy, something fun for you, once a week. That’s what I’m committing to do. Whatever that looks like for you—taking a walk with your family, going to a movie, bowling, a sports event, whatever, just do it. I need a hobby and you need a hobby. Go out and find one. I’d love to hear from you guys about it, what your hobby is or what you are going to do to give your brain a break from real estate. I appreciate you guys, thanks for listening. I hope this was helpful, and I’ll talk to you on our next episode.


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