296: What You Need To Serve Your Niche Part II – Connections

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
296: What You Need To Serve Your Niche Part II - Connections


On the last episode, we started talking about your micro niche and building content. Today we’re moving on to step two, which is connections. Some of you are great with connections, but a lot of you don’t do it well. A lot of people want to start a podcast or a membership, but without the connections, the content is meaningless. You have to have conversations with people. Vincent Pugliese does this so well as he builds out his $9 a month membership—he has conversations. He gets on the phone with people, spending 30 or 40 minutes basically giving them a free coaching call. When he mentions the low-cost membership with Total Life Freedom School, they jump on it before he even gets to explain it all. The majority of people don’t reach out and really care about another person. Your micro niche and your content are absolutely pointless if you don’t have connections and don’t build relationships with people. I’ve talked about the hour of giving in the past and I try to do this every day. I don’t do it as well as Vincent, but part of what I do each day is connect with friends, clients, past clients, potential clients, and people I see on social media. So many of you hate social media because of all the superficial posts you see, but you aren’t on social media trying to change that—if you don’t like something, go and do something about it. Remember purposeful scrolling? I log into social media daily and think about the people I can connect with, help, and serve…and when I do that, those people want to promote me to others. I think of all the people who have connected me with other people who have helped me have success in my business. I helped them and they helped me. Interestingly, most of those people who come to mind are women. Maybe women are better at connections. I respond to every single message and text that I receive and sometimes they just say thank you and the conversation ends there, and I totally understand that. I’m not saying all this to make you think you’re doing it all wrong, but the point is to ask how you can get better at it so you can build out an effective micro niche and produce content that will help people–maybe even have a membership or something one day. 99% of the guys that I interact with are terrible at this—most talk about sports, which is fine from time to time, but that’s not going to grow your micro niche. Friday we’re going to talk about the confluence and what happens when content and connections come together. On the last episode I had you write down some ideas about content. Today I want you to scroll through your text messages, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, whatever social media you have. Reach out to 10 people you haven’t spoken to in a week, or a month, or longer. Just reach out and check in. Tell them something you appreciate about them or that’s been helpful to you. That’s how you build connections. I started doing free social media audits and I still do them—you can book them, just message me and I will make it happen. It’s not a pitch about the membership, it’s so I can build a relationship and help you with social media (which I know is something that Realtors really need because I talk to Realtors every single week with what they’re struggling with). So, if you want to be successful, content is important, but you can’t do it without connections. Make those 10 calls or messages and tell those people you’re thinking of them, praying for them, saw something that they would be interested in, or whatever. When you build connections, people want to help you. On the next episode we’ll talk about confluence and how to put it all together. I’ll see you then.


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