293: Where Is Your Foundation?

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
293: Where Is Your Foundation?


Today’s show is about the importance of having a foundation in your business. We’ve got around 35 people in the membership and it’s interesting because we have a combination of new Realtors and top producers. About half the people want to learn from me because I’ve tripled my income from my first full year to the second full year and created a six-figure real estate business—and of course I want to teach those people. The other half I’m wondering what I could possibly teach them when they’re making half a million dollars a year. It all comes back to your foundation, and that’s what those top producers want to learn from me. I was able to build a solid foundation relatively quickly and have success in my business using social media to build relationships with people that don’t end at the settlement table. It’s been interesting, and to be honest, I’ve had to get over some major imposter syndrome working with some of these people who do four or five times the sales I do in real estate. But then there are things that I can learn from a new Realtor—I learn from them all the time on my team and in the membership community. A foundation is important if you really want to grow and have success in real estate. There’s a parable Jesus preaches that is found in the book of Matthew (7:24-27) where he says that whoever hears his words and doesn’t follow them is like the foolish man who build his house on a foundation of sand—his house fell apart as the rains came and the flood waters rose. Those who heed his words are like the wise man who build his home on a foundation of rock—his house withstood the rain and flood. I have always loved this parable because it talks about the importance of having a good foundation. Not only is this a good principle for your life, but also for your real estate business. If you have a solid foundation for your business, you will have success. If you’re a new Realtor, you’re going to do this by having a good CRM, giving your clients a great experience, having a system for doing paperwork, and keeping in touch with your clients. You build that foundation. If you’re a seasoned Realtor, maybe you realize you never built that foundation. You don’t have a system for posting on social media, keeping in touch with clients, or organizing paperwork—and you’re seeing the pain of not having that foundation. You just wanted to make money and you built a very successful business, but you didn’t set down a foundation. So, wherever you are in your real estate journey, I would encourage you to have that foundation, and I would encourage you to use your downtime to build it. When I had a lull in business, I would spend that time focusing on my foundation. I built out my CRM so I could keep in touch with my contacts, and I built out the membership. I knew the importance of foundation. If you don’t have one…you need one. I would encourage you to really focus in on building that foundation to create success in your business. I appreciate you guys so much and thank you for listening. I’ll talk to you on the next episode.


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