289: When Will The Pain Hurt Enough

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
289: When Will The Pain Hurt Enough


When will it hurt bad enough? In other words, when will the pain be so great that you do something about it? I recently asked a friend of mine that question. A lot of my friends want to call me to pick my brain because they know I’m pretty public on social media about my entrepreneurial journey and about real estate. This friend of mine absolutely hates his job. We’ve talked about building out a platform on social media. He’s taken a couple of courses, but never really showed up for them. When I asked him when will the pain of his job be bad enough for him to do something about it, he replied that he didn’t know. Most of my episodes are for Realtors, or people in the real estate, but today is different. Today’s episode is for those of you who are part-time in real estate. You’re a Realtor, but you work another job. I’m going to ask you, when are you going to cut the cord? When is that pain going to be bad enough? Recently, Google laid off 12,000 employees. When did the pain get so bad for those people at Google that they did something about it? It was when they woke up to an email saying thanks for your service—you’re done. For those of you in real estate, but working another full-time job, how many people have been on this show telling you that you cannot succeed if you are doing this part-time? I think about Andrew Welk, who leads our team and Christina Diehl who found success when she jumped into it full-time. Many of you listen to this podcast three times a week—and I’m very thankful for that, but what have you actually done with it? I know some of you that listen to every episode and don’t sell any real estate. You can create a six-figure real estate income where you work from anywhere you want. What’s stopping you—when will the pain be enough? Whether your halfway to being a Realtor—just doing one or two transactions a year because you have another job, or you’re in a full-time job and you’re just comfortable. I’ll say comfortability is the enemy of progress. You’ll never get anywhere if you’re comfortable. What happens when the money disappears, or you get replaced by a robot? We’re a couple of months into the new year. How many of you work up January 2nd and said you were going to do something about your health? Here we are, a couple of months later, and how many of you have actually done something about it? Maybe you have, but then you fall back into bad patterns and routines—we all do it. So, when is the pain bad enough that you actually do something about it permanently? I can’t decide for you, I can only decide for myself—for my health, real estate goals, what I’m growing and building. There can be a lot of pain that comes through building and creating new things, but I’m not going to stay there asking myself where is this going? When will you get sick and tired of being sick and tired? You have to decide that for yourself—and I would really encourage you to step out of that comfort zone and stop dealing with the pain. You don’t have to live like this. You can have success in this business as a Realtor if you’re willing to do things to change what’s not working. I appreciate you guys, so thanks for listening. I hope you have an awesome day and an awesome week—and that maybe you’re starting your Monday with this episode and say to yourself the pain is not worth it. I’m going to do something about it.


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