285: Don’t Get So Busy Creating That You Stop Growing

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
285: Don't Get So Busy Creating That You Stop Growing


Don’t be so busy creating that you stop growing. I often talk about Vincent Pugliese and the Mastermind group that I’m part of. He’s really changed my life, and while I was at his retreat we talked about some hard things that really changed the trajectory of everything I’m doing in my business. As a Realtor, I thought that recurring income wasn’t a possibility for me, but Vincent taught me otherwise. He taught through Total Life Freedom how to have recurring incomes so that you don’t have to have all your work be service based. That week really changed my life and that brings me to the lesson for today. I started listening to Vincent’s podcast after that retreat along with Ken Carfagno, Kent Sanders, and John Stange’s podcasts. Listening to these shows changed my life—all of them were in the Total Life Freedom Mastermind with me at one point. It affected how I did business, how I interacted with people, how I served people, and how I grew my business. I’ve spent the last couple of years really devoted to my show and creating content for the membership. What I’ve learned is that I’ve gotten too busy creating content—and I don’t want you to get so busy creating content or whatever in your business that you stop learning and growing. This is what I learned a few weeks ago when I realized I had been missing out on the podcasts I usually listen to because I had gotten so busy creating content that I had stopped my routine of consuming content and learning from others. It reminded me of the time I was in the ministry—you are pouring into people, but you feel like no one’s pouring into you. You can spend so much time leading and teaching others that you never take the time to feed yourselves. You’re just too busy. Part of my growth is listening to podcasts that cause me to improve as a dad—be a better person in my faith and with my family. They help me improve my business, become a better Realtor, and be a better leader for my membership community. So, I hope that you can really get the point that you can be so busy creating that you stop consuming—stop learning. Don’t be so busy that you are not consuming, learning, and growing yourself. I hope this is helpful for you guys. It’s important to keep learning and growing whether that’s reading books or listening to podcasts—whatever feeds you. Always keep learning and growing. Thanks for listening and I’ll see you on the next podcast.


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