283: A Dream…And A Goal

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
283: A Dream...And A Goal


Today’s episode is all about dreams. We’ve talked about dreams before on the show and about working hard for our goals, but today I want to encourage you to have a big dream. While doing real estate coaching in the membership I see so many people talk about the dreams they have, but they don’t have the goals to get there. I love the quote, “A goal without a dream, without a goal, is just a wish.” So many are just wishing for success. Today we check into our Airbnb here in Florida for a five-week stay and I’m pumped. My in-laws are coming down to visit and we’ll check out a few spring training baseball games. We have several family members coming down at different points and we’re really excited. But how did this get started? I’ve mentioned my friends Vincent Pugliese and Ken Carfagno in previous podcasts. I watched Vincent and his wife Elizabeth build a life of freedom where they could travel every day and I told myself I wanted that for my family. I dreamed about it, but I didn’t do anything about it. I worked a W2 job where I got maybe three weeks off a year…I would never have been able to spend five weeks in Florida like I am now. I had the dream, but I didn’t have any goals to get there. So, I encourage you to dream big, but have big goals to go along with them so that you can make it happen. Remember, a dream without a goal is just a wish. Once I got into mastermind and had some success in real estate, I told my wife that if we could pay off the house, we could book a month in Florida. At first it seemed crazy, but the more success I had the more the dream seemed possible. We worked hard, paid off the house, and booked the Airbnb in Florida. We’ve dreamed about being here for the past nine months. I love real estate and the opportunities that it’s presented to me. I love that I can take time and be with my family. I’m here for five weeks, but I’ll still work every day—maybe an hour or so in the morning or evening. I’ll still record podcasts and still be interacting with real estate clients. The cool thing I learned from Vincent was total life freedom—time, money, and location freedom. This is one of the reasons I’ve doubled down on the efforts to grow the membership, because if I’m providing value and the membership is growing like it has been, I can build the membership to the point where it produces a decent income. I would have the freedom to be on a beach in Florida, the mountains in Poconos, or travel the world and go to Italy. I’m able to work anywhere I go. In a span of three months the membership went from making very little money to having a recurring $1,500 a month. That amount hasn’t changed my life, but $1,500 a month is $18,000 per year—and I did that in just a few months. Imagine if I continue to double and triple down on growing the membership—imagine multiplying the current amount by 5—then I go from $18,000 a year to $90,000. That sounds impossible until you start. That’s why we’ll talk more in the next few weeks and months about building things to have multiple streams of income. That dream you have is possible if you have the right goals. I see myself continuing to grow the membership, I’d love to be at $5000 by the end of the year—and that would be $60,000 a year. That would allow me to sell less houses and to be able to pour more into my members and growing the community. I want to encourage you to have a dream and a goal—remember you need to have both. Our dream was to pay off the house and have money to travel to Florida. The goal was to save the money to pay off the house and still have money left over to be able to take a month off. The thing I love most about the business I’ve created is that I can work from anywhere. I can still talk and work with clients, still rate contracts, and still do my membership calls from the poolside or the beach. I have the freedom to do those things, so let me encourage you—your dream may seem like a long way off, but it’s not too far off. Remember, I was broke and feeling like we weren’t going to make it just a few years ago in 2020. Your dream is possible—put it along with the goals on a vision board and then work hard. You’ll make it. Thanks for listening. Feel free to reach out if you have questions and I’ll talk to you soon.


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