273: BEST OF – My Story Part 9

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
273: BEST OF - My Story Part 9


Today finishes my story where I have talked about my journey from having no success with W-2 jobs to the success I’ve built in the entrepreneurial world in real estate. In the last episode, I talked about finally starting to have success in my business, and today I want to talk about 2021 and 2022—the things I’ve done to create success and where I’m going from here. I had a huge 2021 where I tripled my income from the previous year. I shared previously that we had paid off all our debt other than our home by September of 2020. We were very excited by that, but our next goal was to save 10 months of expenses by March of 2021. I continued to have success in real estate and easily made that goal, in fact in March when my daughter was born, I had over a year’s worth of living expenses in the bank. God had blessed our business and family so much. We were finally able to meet our goal of my wife being able to stay home with the kids. I’m not saying that our life is a complete joy ride just because we are secure financially—there are still hard days. It can be hard with two children under two and a half, and I’m so thankful that my wife was willing and able to stay home with them. Some aren’t willing to do that and it’s hard work. I couldn’t do what she does—what she does every day is much harder and more exhausting that what I’m doing while having fun selling homes. I am very thankful for her. It’s been nice to be able to dictate my own schedule recently rather than letting that schedule tell me what I need to do. That was all thanks to a great 2021. I’m just doing everything I can to grow the business and create success with real estate and obviously the podcast is a huge part of that. I’ve added an extra episode, so we’re doing three times a week now and I have a great system that keeps that from getting overwhelming. We talked about the power of compound effect, and I still do those things. I’ve gotten better and faster at the podcast and my real estate business and that takes a lot of stress off me and gives me more freedom. I’m also coaching Realtors, offering help with social media presence, and continuing to help my team. The work for my team is a little different in that I’m the operations director—in charge of a lot of things and making sure they are doing the work to create success. I’m just very thankful for them and for those relationships. I’m excited about the things I’m building and am really encouraged by the people who reach out and say the podcast is helping them. That means a lot. I love trying to help people find success in their real estate career. Real estate is going well, the podcast is going well and there are lots of things on the horizon and I’ll share more as we go along. I’ve worked hard to create time, location, and financial freedom and that’s what I’m going to continue to do. I hope that you can see the journey that I went through and apply it to your career. I have literally come from the worst situation where I thought we were going to lose our home to building a successful real estate business and being blessed so much. I hope these episodes have given you a glimpse into my world. I hope you can apply some of the principles I’ve shared to your business and know that you can trust the process and have success too. I look forward to having some great episodes coming up as we talk about what 2023 holds. Thank you so much for listening, and if you enjoyed this episode, we would appreciate it if you’d leave us a review on iTunes. It helps others discover the show. Thank you so much, and we will see you on the next episode.


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