269: BEST OF – My Story Part 5

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
269: BEST OF - My Story Part 5


Today we are on part five of my story. Today’s episode talks about one of the hardest seasons as a new realtor. After I got my real estate license, people didn’t understand that having the license didn’t mean instant success or instant money coming in. It takes hard work, time, and determination. There were a lot of comments from others telling me I was not good enough, I should get a real job, and that I was a failure. Through all this, I learned to trust the process. If you’re a Philadelphia Seventy-sixers fan, this is a phrase you’ve heard before—it was a strategy used by Sam Hinkie when he traded players for assets, and it paid off. Trusting the process is essential in real estate. Having good conversations, connecting with people, establishing a social media presence, and telling everyone I was in real estate—trusting the process. I bought a computer for my real estate business and while I was in the Apple store, I made sure everyone in that store knew that new computer was for my career in real estate. I made sure that people knew I was a Realtor. I continued to trust the process—I knew I had to if I wanted to create success, because I didn’t have any clients. I knew the numbers. I knew the statistics. I wasn’t going to let myself become a failed statistic. I continued to build relationships and have conversations with everyone I could. My friend Jonathan, who I had worked for at Chick-Fil-A, was one of the first people to contact me with a potential client. His parents were moving to the area and needed a Realtor—he recommended me. It was such an honor that he trusted me with his parents—he told me that he knew I’d take good care of them and do a great job. I remember the stress and anxiety, but also the excitement. I was celebrating Thanksgiving with extended family, and they were asking me about how my business was going, and I didn’t really know how to respond. Jonathan’s dad called me while I was there and as I talked to him about buying a house. It gave me so much confidence when I didn’t scare him off that I felt like if I could have a good conversation and create a relationship with this person on the phone that I could really do this business. If I could do it once, I could recreate that process a hundred times over and I would have success. I’ve had thousands of conversations since that first call, but Jonathan’s dad was my first client, and it was all about trusting the process and getting that first client to work with you. I’ll often tell Realtors that I’m coaching, that once you have your first settlement, you’ll feel like you can run through a brick wall like the Kool-Aid man. That exhilaration makes you want to do it a hundred times more. That’s how I got my first client on Thanksgiving Day. I felt like I had the potential to become successful in real estate now that I had earned a client. I knew I had to continue to put in the effort and work and find another client. I didn’t get there overnight—it took from February through November. On the next episode, I’ll talk about faking it till you make it, my interaction with that first client, and the power of perception. I appreciate you being along for the journey and look forward to sharing the sixth episode with you. Thanks for listening to the Real Estate Survival. If you enjoyed this episode, we would appreciate it if you’d leave us a review on iTunes.


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