256: You Only Need One Cheerleader

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
256: You Only Need One Cheerleader


It’s really sad sometimes how often I talk to someone on a social media coaching call and the person just feels frustrated. They feel like they’re at the end of their rope in real estate, like they’re not going to make it, and they’re looking for some piece of encouragement. Of course, I encourage them, and I mean it—most of these people really have what it takes to succeed in real estate—they just have to believe in themselves. When I went through so much in my life, especially after losing my job in 2019, my cheerleader was my wife. So many people, most of my friends and family, deserted me and doubted me. The one cheerleader I really had was Valerie—she cheered for me. I’ve often used that example to say that you don’t need hundreds or thousands or even a dozen people cheering for you. You really only need one cheerleader. If you can just find that one person, whether it be a spouse, best friend, someone at your church, or in your family to cheer for you, you will have the energy to get back up and keep going. I want to share a wonderful story about Frank Sinatra that I heard from Vincent Pugliese. The story goes that Frank Sinatra nearly walked away from performing at the age of 78. Frank was performing one night and after three or four songs, he blanked out. The music was playing, and he just stood there saying he was sorry repeatedly. Finally, the music stopped and there was silence. Would he walk off the stage and call it quits? He had actually started to do just that when a voice from the back of the audience cried out, “It’s ok Frank. It’s ok because we love you.” With those words the audience began to applaud and cheer. Frank turned back and returned to centerstage and carried on with the rest of the concert as if he were 19 again—he killed every song. That one person gave Frank Sinatra the energy, the passion, and the motivation to continue his career. There are two lessons to take away from this, the first is that you don’t know the impact you can have on people you don’t know—the people that are struggling mentally, that are struggling in their business—that you can encourage and be a big piece of helping them survive in the real estate business. The second lesson is that you don’t need everyone cheering for you—you just need one person. Stop looking for everyone to applaud for you, for everybody to cheer for you and be a massive supporter of what you’re doing. Who can you encourage? Who is struggling out there—a friend, family member—who can you help and pray for and encourage in their life, in their business? Maybe you can be that person that gets them from the ashes through the next two years. What you need is one person who’s going to stick by you—be a great friend, be a great mentor, and encourage you. If you have that person cheering you on, have you thanked that person? Do they even know about the impact they’ve made on your life? So, find that person that can encourage you, and then once you get to a healthy and good state, go and be that person for somebody else. I hope this is helpful for you in your business.


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