255: Free Social Media Audits Are Back!

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
255: Free Social Media Audits Are Back!


Today’s episode is going to be a little different. Instead of telling a story or encouraging you in your business, I’m going to share something I’m bringing back. I’m sure you can tell from the title of today’s podcast that I’m bringing back free social media audits! I was on a webinar about a month ago for a real estate friend and I was teaching 200 people about social media. Of course, I love that because I love social media so much. Anyway, the call ended up going an hour over because there were so many questions after the content I shared. I heard all those people struggling and thought to myself that I have to do something to help. I often think back to the concept of “don’t forget what you’ve got there”—things you’re doing in your business that you need to keep doing to have success. I know that if I have a product or service to offer that’s worth the value, someone on one of these free calls will be more likely to purchase it if they have built a relationship with me. But legacy is my encapsulating word for the year—how are you going to help people? So, the social media calls are back as of today, and here’s the deal —they are limited. Now this isn’t a pitch—they are going to be limited because I just want to be generous, help people, and share my time. HOWEVER, I also love my wife and my kids—I can’t overdo it either.

I’ve got a membership, lead a podcast three times a week, a real estate business that is growing, and clients to serve—I can’t just jump into this and do a thousand of these (that’s probably why I stopped doing them in the past, because I was doing too many). There’s will be four a week, in 15-minute increments. Now, I’m not like a stickler where at 14 minutes and 59 seconds I hang up. I don’t do that, but I stay in that 15-to-30-minute range. I want you to go from feeling frustrated, anxious, nervous, and scared about social media to feeling confident and encouraged. I’m hope to do four calls a week, but it depends on my availability and scheduling—so once they’re gone for that week, they’re gone. I want to leave a legacy and help people. So, social media Starting Monday, December 19th, we’ll have 3 to 4 available each week. If you don’t see any available for a few weeks, that means people have grabbed the open slots, so please book it—even if it’s 3, 4, 5, 6 weeks out, whatever it is. Even if you are a non-Realtors too that need help with your social media, please schedule one of these calls.. The link is below and in the future I’ll try to keep it in the show notes as well as a reminder, so make sure you book one of those social media audits and let’s chat!

To schedule your free social media coaching call go to:


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