243: Maybe You’re The Problem?

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
243: Maybe You're The Problem?


I want to talk to you guys today and remind you that maybe you are the problem. I try to be encouraging and not be a Debbie Downer all the time, but one of the things I really hate is people that make excuses and don’t acknowledge that they could be the problem and the reason that they’re not having success in their real estate business. I know a Realtor who makes excuses for why she couldn’t post on her Facebook about her real estate business because of her full time job. I actually asked her how she was going to move into real estate full time if she wasn’t telling people that she was a realtor? Her response was more excuses and that I didn’t understand her situation. I know I shocked her when I said, “Hey, I mean, no disrespect for this, but maybe you’re the problem.” And she got all offended and said, “No, I’m not the problem.” I got so frustrated with Abby because Abby thinks everyone else is the problem when she wanted to transition into real estate full time. She blamed her current boss, what people thought, and her current company for why she couldn’t post on social media. And even when she left the company, she blamed broker after broker for not giving her the resources for success. The point is, Abby’s the problem here. Abby doesn’t see it, but Abby is the problem. Abby is the reason why she is not having success. Sure, there are hard days in real estate. Getting your business up and running can be tough, and those first couple years are tough. But real estate is not rocket science and it’s not like being a neurosurgeon. Again, it’s difficult—it takes hard work, but it’s not impossible to figure out. I tried to get Abby to understand that she was the problem. And you might be the problem. You might not see it now, but you will see it one day. If you’ve changed companies three and four different times, what is the common denominator, right? I do want to encourage you that you can have success in real estate, but I need you to hear that maybe the reason you’re not having success is you. Maybe the reason you’re not selling homes is you, not the broker, not the team manager, and not the leads you’re given or not given…it’s you. Your most valuable asset to your business is you. And so, if something’s not working, I have to question, what am I doing wrong—not blame the broker and everybody else. And instead of making excuses, maybe you should try to figure out how to get stuff done, how to sell homes, how to get in front of people, and how to have meetings with people. I hope you can learn from the Realtor’s mistakes. Maybe you are the problem. What you can do with this episode is not have a pity party or be bummed—just learn from this. Stop blaming everyone else and realize that maybe you are the problem, and that you’re the only one that can fix that problem. I hope you can think about this and that it helps you have more success in your real estate business.

Podcast edited by Kenny Carfagno.

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