234: Assumptions Hold You Back

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
234: Assumptions Hold You Back



On today’s episode, I talk about how assumptions hold you back. One thing I’ve really learned since launching the membership community and having great conversations with people is to just embrace the conversation. Be willing to talk to people about what you’re doing and to not make assumptions. Sometimes I get good or bad “vibes” before I even get on the phone or Zoom call—I find I have this tendency to make a lot of assumptions, and I’ve been learning that assumptions are really holding me back in my business. For example, there was a Realtor I got on a call with who was interested in me moving my business. Once I told them I wasn’t interested in moving, they let it go, but I made assumptions that every time they reached out to me to check in that they were actually trying to get me to move my business. I would often ignore messages and not get back to them because I thought they were pretending to be interested in me to get me to move.

Incorrect assumptions

Then I had multiple conversations with the agent where I realized that maybe I had gotten it all wrong. Maybe they’d be happy for me to move my business to their brokerage, but really, they just cared about me.

Now this person is honestly one of my favorite Realtors that I’m in contact with. We chat about sports, the market, our families, and we’ve created a bond and a friendship.

My encouragement to you is to make fewer assumptions. Just stop thinking that everyone’s out to get you all the time. Believe that people genuinely want to build relationships with you and get to know you.

I want you to think about where assumptions are holding you back. Where are you assuming people’s intent—assuming the worst about people—assuming that you know all the things there are to know about a situation? Where are you assuming when you should just be asking questions and be willing to build relationships with people? I hope that you can think about this in your real estate business.


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