233: Using Video to Grow Your Business – An Interview With Ed Troxell

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
233: Using Video to Grow Your Business - An Interview With Ed Troxell


Who is Ed Troxell?

Ed is a former Apple employee, a video coach, and online marketing consultant. He teaches entrepreneurs and agents how to stop chasing leads and start attracting them with video made right from phones. He brings a unique skill set from sales, marketing, and strategizing systems and processes to teaching the importance of showing up as yourself on video so that you can stand out from the competition and become the Realtor that people want to work with.


“When I left my full-time job at Apple to do entrepreneurship full time and have this business, I realized that the only thing that I could do differently to stand out from the sea of other agents/entrepreneurs was to get in front of the camera, be on video. Now, that terrified me.”

“It’s still very much untapped for a majority of business owners, and that includes agents.”

“What camera should I use? What microphone should I use? What lighting should I have? What background should I have? None of that. You shouldn’t have any of that.”

“You want to show up as yourself and be more authentic. You don’t want to have this Instagram picture-perfect lifestyle portrayal if that’s not you. That’s too hard to keep up, and people are gonna see right through it. And we’re blessed to be in a stage in life right now where we can be more ourselves.”

“Find a teacher that works with you to help you look at what’s going on in your business right now. What have you been doing? What haven’t you been doing? Where are you spending your time? What platforms are you on? Maybe you shouldn’t be on them.”

Learn all of this and more:

  • What to start with (hint: it’s not the tech)
  • What’s going to lead to you getting the listing
  • Why you need the right teacher to help you
  • Why Realtors and entrepreneurs are so reserved about being on video
  • What the best decision is for your business
  • How to make the shifts you need to make
  • Why you should never rely on one social media platform
  • The biggest excuse he hears
  • How to avoid creating a trust issue
  • When the best time to post is
  • Some easy things to record 60-second videos about
  • How to get his video-creation guide
  • How to meet many people and be treated like a rock star
  • Which piece of advice he wishes he could give the younger version of himself

Contact Ed Troxell

Website: https://edtroxell.com/

Video Creation Guide: https://edtroxell.com/5videosforagents

Podcast edited by Kenny Carfagno.

Show notes and blog posts created by Jennifer Harshman and RealtorEmails.com.

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