220: Have You Checked The Fluids?

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
220: Have You Checked The Fluids?



Have you checked the fluids? That is how the conversation starts every time I call my mechanic, the amazing J&C Auto in Lancaster, right off Whitmore road. They’re the best mechanics I’ve ever known.

There’s a great lesson in every conversation I have when I call the mechanic. Now you might be thinking, well, that’s kind of a silly question. Of course, he checks the fluids. Why would the mechanic ask? And let me just say, I’ll have to give a special shout out to my stepdad, Rob.

Rob spent years and years trying to teach me how to fix cars, change my oil. I was not interested. Some people have different interests and gifts. I just was never interested. Even now when there’s an easy fix, I would much rather pay the mechanic to do it because I don’t wanna mess something up. I don’t really have the time, and I don’t enjoy it. I want to do the things that give me energy, that I enjoy. The reason that Jerry or Colin or Ethan or whoever answering the phone at J&C auto always says to me, have you checked the fluid is because for so long, I did not check the fluids.

I would drop off a car and say, it’s making a weird noise. For years I thought my transmission was going every single time that I called them. Oh, it’s shifting weird. No, John, you just don’t have fluid. Imagine, every time these guys answered the phone, they were like, oh, here’s John again. He hasn’t checked the fluids.

I was not doing those basic things. I was not checking the fluids. Often, this happens in the real estate business. I chat with Realtors all the time now through the membership community and just talk to them about what they’re doing, how I can help. And they are not doing the basic things. They haven’t even told anyone they’re a Realtor. Well, how, how can I help you grow a business when no one knows you are Realtor?

So many Realtors are not doing the basic stuff.

And when I talk to you, and you tell me you’re not doing the basic things, I think to myself, you’re crazy. It’s stupid. Just like it’s stupid that I wasn’t checking the oil or adding transmission fluid. A car needs to have their fluids.

Maybe you are not having success because you haven’t checked the fluids. You haven’t done the routine maintenance on your vehicle.

I would really encourage you to think about this in your business. Have you check the fluids? If you haven’t start doing it, start regularly, checking the fluids, start regularly, making sure you know the basics of how your business runs, and make sure you analyze them. Check those things to make sure that you are a well-oiled machine.

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John Schuchman is a licensed REALTOR® in Lancaster, PA, with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty and a part of the Andrew Welk Group. The opinions shared on this show represent the opinions & values of John Schuchman and do not necessarily represent the opinions & values of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty. The opinions & ideas shared in this podcast do not guarantee or promise any results of success to the listener.

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