217: Foolproofing Your Business

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
217: Foolproofing Your Business



This episode is about foolproofing your business, steps you can take to protect yourself against any economic downturns, serious illness, or unfortunate circumstances. I love getting into discussions about real estate, finances, financial peace university, and Dave Ramsey’s program and plan. When I get great questions, I love including them in podcast episodes. Normally they are from Realtors, right?

I heard a great question the other day from my friend, Jonathan, who operates a great Chick-fil-A up in Reading. Jonathan and his wife and their kids were over at our house. He had just heard my business update for August, and he said, “So you had no clients, right? You said that it was nice to kind of have a break right now. Can I ask you, when would the break go from relaxing and enjoyable to stressful, from a financial perspective?”

I loved the question. I don’t know that I gave a great answer at the time as we were sitting there having dinner.

In this episode, I share with you guys what foolproofing my business means to me. So I want to know that if something happens to me, right, my family’s not gonna be destitute. That’s why we’re still saving money.

One way I foolproof my business is living way below our means. Listen to the episode for more.

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