216: You’re Being Selfish

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Real Estate Survival Guide
216: You're Being Selfish



On this episode, I talk about something that recently shook me and really made me think. “You’re being selfish.” Those were the first words out of Vincent Pugliese’s mouth on a recent mastermind call in Total Life Freedom. His words were directed to another member who was thinking about starting a community or a podcast—coaching and training people to do what it is that they do. And when the topic of a membership or a podcast came up the member said, “Well, you know, I, don’t really want to do that. I just don’t have the time—I’ve got so many other things going on.” There was a little bit of a shock at first, but then we got into a great discussion about what happens when we don’t do things.

Sharing your knowledge

The basic point is that you are being selfish by not sharing what you’re doing. You are doing a disservice to others by not being willing to share your knowledge. I’ve been guilty of it as well. Maybe I was feeling inadequate or maybe it was imposter syndrome—there were all these reasons and excuses for why I pushed back on the membership and community for so long.

We’ve talked about how to pitch and how not to pitch. I didn’t want to be salesy. But it’s a disservice to not tell people about what I’m doing—a disservice to those people by not being willing to share how I have grown my business, my podcast, and the membership. I am being selfish.

What are you holding on to?

Whatever it is, you are being selfish by not sharing the valuable information that you have. What you have to offer may not be a big deal to some people, but it will be very special to others. Listen in for more.

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