210: Business Update September 2022

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
210: Business Update September 2022


Business update

I came back from Podcast Movement, where I learned a lot of lessons I may apply to the podcast. They joke that if you’re slow as a Realtor, you go on vacation. And so that’s kind of what it felt like last week when I came home. Several buyers reached out, interested in houses. I shared with you guys last month on the business update how it had been kind of slow since the end of June. I had nothing under contract. A buddy asked me, when does enjoying the peace and quiet go to worry?

I said I’d have to not sell houses for three to six months, maybe more, to feel concerned, but I have been writing offers for a handful of clients. Even though the market shifted a little bit, it’s still a seller’s market, still hard to get houses. Nothing’s under contract right now, but there’s a lot of moving and shaking, and some stuff will be going on very soon for sure.

Podcast growth

The podcast continues to grow. August was my biggest month. The listens and downloads were pretty high. I’m talking thousands of downloads higher than previous months. So again, I appreciate you guys. Thank you for finding the show and getting involved.

Membership community for Realtors

I’m officially announcing the membership and going public with it. I wanted to create a membership that was very helpful for Realtors but also low budget. The price is $50/mo, and that includes at least 2 calls a month and Q&A time with me. It’s going to include access to the private Facebook group as well. What I continue to find as I talk to Realtors is they don’t have accountability and community. I’ve wanted to create that. If the membership is something that you think you’d be interested in, please reach out to me. You can email me, text, call me. You can just shoot an email to john@johnschuchman.com or Ttext me 610-568-4651. I really have tried to build something over these couple months that is helpful to Realtors.

I’m excited to continue growing and expanding with the Realtors there and the Realtors that continue to find it. And it’s so funny. I’ve got actually a couple people in there that are not Realtors because they’ve just found my advice helpful. If you think that could be a fit, I’m happy to connect. If you refer people to the membership, I’m going to pay you 20% of their membership for as long as they’re in there.

On the home front

While you guys are listening to this, I’m taking the day off. Today is my son’s third birthday. I love him very much and am super thankful for him. I’ve learned so much as a dad in these three years. Things are really good in my family. Taking some time today and this weekend to be together, celebrate him, and just spend some family time.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or anything I can help you guys with. I’d be honored to speak with you. Thanks for listening to the show and helping it to continue to grow. And we’ll see you guys on our next episode.

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