209: Professional Skier to Successful Realtor – An Interview With Athena Brownson

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
209: Professional Skier to Successful Realtor - An Interview With Athena Brownson


Who Is Athena Brownson?

A Realtor and former professional skier (who learned to ski at age two), Athena Brownson is the daughter of a real estate developer and an interior designer. She suffered an injury while skiing and was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and autoimmune diseases, and still is a successful agent. Her passion for interior design led Athena to get her real estate license. Her amazing eye for aesthetics gave her the ability to help her clients sell their homes and build a reputation for success. Despite her hardships, Athena never gave up and today is an amazing Realtor in the Denver area who has recently embarked on flipping construction and real estate investment.


“I had the good fortune of having two ski bums as parents. And when I say ski bums, I say that loosely. They were very successful, very driven human beings. As you mentioned, my dad was a developer building primarily residential in Breckenridge. And my mom did the interior design for his properties, but the reason that they were in Breckenridge was because they loved to ski.”

“No story goes the way that we think it’s gonna go, and our ability to pivot and have the discipline and accountability to really push ourselves to the next level is required.”

“It’s a lot of breaking through barriers in your own mind that you can keep doing and that you are capable of completing and succeeding at so much more than you think you are.”

“I’ve been in multiple coaching programs. I fully believe that in order to be the best version of yourself as a human and in business, you need someone looking over everything that you’re doing, and saying, “I think this is your blind spot. This is something you’re missing.”

“I think as a real estate agent, you have to have a little bit of a psychosis in you. Yeah. You have to have that addictive personality that need for competition in order to really thrive and be successful.”

Learn all of this and more:

  • What life was like as a professional skier
  • How skiing made her unstoppable as an agent
  • How, despite health challenges, her business has grown year after year
  • What she did during those moments of depression we all deal with
  • The best question to ask potential mentors
  • What one of the most formative pieces of her success was
  • Which spot in town will help you find the best clients
  • How dining out or going to happy hour grows your business
  • Why getting a coach is so important for your business
  • The best piece of advise she ever received


Atomic Habits by James Clear

Contact Athena Brownson:

Instagram: Athena Brownson Realtor

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