206: Living Fearless- An Interview With Mike Forrester

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
206: Living Fearless- An Interview With Mike Forrester


Who is Mike Forrester?

I connected with Mike Forrester through the Total Life Freedom Community. Mike is a Men’s Transformation Coach. He’s the founder of the Living Fearless coaching programs and he hosts the amazing Living Fearless Today podcast. He has decades of experience overcoming setbacks and failures and he uses that experience to help others not let excuses derail them. His podcast focuses on helping men overcome fear, anxiety, and depression by highlighting success stories of those who have lived through it.


“This is bigger than my discomfort.”

“It doesn’t determine what’s going to go on tomorrow—in six months or in two years—but it’s a matter of just persisting and looking at what am I doing, right? Who am I, what, what do I uniquely offer and who do I attract?”

“Having a community helps to keep us stronger, to keep our focus in a lifted-up way.”

“I would say be careful who you listen to. Just because somebody has something to say, doesn’t mean it’s an accurate opinion, nor is it true.”

Learn all of this and more:

  • What Mike’s parents told him, that he had to overcome
  • How being a chameleon worked for him until it didn’t
  • What Mike noticed about successful people
  • Practices he began to put into place that you can use as well
  • How Mike took inventory and made changes

Realtors sometimes doubt themselves and their abilities. Mike uses his experience to encourage and coach Realtors to be the best they can be. He advises Realtors to be confident in their skills—if you don’t advocate for yourself to your clients, why should they choose you to list with? You’ve got to be a “bulldog” and fight to earn their trust and their business. Everyone has something to work on. Taking an honest look in the mirror and realizing that the responsibility for your business is all yours is the first step to success. Ask for feedback like Mike did and apply it to your business. Apply it to your business and your personal life.

Join us for an interview you’ll enjoy and benefit from.


Mike Forrester’s Website

Mike Forrester’s Podcast: Living Fearless Today

Contact: hicoachmike.com

Podcast edited by Kenny Carfagno.

Show notes and blog posts are created by Jennifer Harshman and RealtorEmails.

John Schuchman is a licensed REALTOR® in Lancaster, PA, with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty and a part of the Andrew Welk Group. The opinions shared on this show represent the opinions & values of John Schuchman and do not necessarily represent the opinions & values of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty. The opinions & ideas shared in this podcast do not guarantee or promise any results of success to the listener.

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