200: From (Almost) Broke to 2 Million In Sales- An Interview With Jennifer Zahourek

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
200: From (Almost) Broke to 2 Million In Sales- An Interview With Jennifer Zahourek


Who is Jennifer Zahourek?

Jennifer is a highly experienced pediatric and adult emergency and trauma registered nurse, and she is also the owner and founder of RekMed. Before she became a nurse she had a crippling fear of blood, struggled with dyslexia, and was told by her nursing instructor that she would most likely never pass the NCLEX. She now sits as the CEO of RekMed, who has helped nursing students and medical professionals all over the world. She was in an amazing Business Insider article. She also has 38,600 followers on Instagram and 72,000 followers on TikTok.


“My whole thing is when you walk into this bookstore or something very similar to the things we sell, what do your eyes look at first? What is the first thing that you go to? And you’ll see colors and book covers and things, and you’ll be like ‘That really got me.'”

“It’s true, crawl before you walk, and you will be very successful.”

Learn all of this and more:

How Jennifer learned how to teach things in her own way.

What the biggest asset to her rapid growth is.

How she saved up $20,000 dollars from her own paychecks to fund her first batch of planners.


Business Insider Article

Contact Jennifer Zahourek:

TikTok: @JennRekMed

Instagram: Student Nurse Planner

Website: RekMed.org

Email: Jenn@RekMed.org

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