176: Becoming Comfortable On Social Media – An Interview With Gina Talarico

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176: Becoming Comfortable On Social Media - An Interview With Gina Talarico


Who is Gina Talarico?

Gina Talarico is a social media marketing guru who is so much fun to talk to. She was on my amazing friend Matt Pete’s podcast talking about social media marketing, and I knew I had to have her come on our show so you could benefit from her knowledge and experience.

Gina lives in British Columbia, Canada and has been working online since 2018. She went through an ordeal when she lost her Instagram account, and she talks about what she did after that.

Her goal is to get you comfortable promoting what you offer and recycling your content using multiple platforms so that you can appear in front of more people and effortlessly as possible.


“I’m a millennial, so grew up with a phone in my hand, grew up with social media. I was helping a friend of mine who was my mother’s age. She was in multilevel marketing and sick of hosting parties. She asked me for help, so I just set her up on social media, and she started making sales. After that, I realized this is a huge business opportunity.”

Regarding the early days of struggle we all go through: “It’s almost like you forget those things, the sacrifices that you make and the things that you do to get you where you are. Hindsight’s always easier, right?”

Learn all of this and more:

  • Why Gina spent a few months sleeping in a recliner in a basement as an adult
  • The best way to find the right platform for you
  • What’s going to bring people to your page
  • What’s going to make them want to stick around
  • How to take the stress out of promoting on social media
  • How to do videos without needing to appear on camera—or lip sync or dance
  • How her Instagram account got hacked (it wasn’t anything she clicked on)
  • What caused her to pivot
  • What to do if you get creator’s block
  • Why you should feature people from the neighborhood
  • How to capitalize on the fact that people are nosy
  • Why she turns away when she plays someone else’s video
  • What she was referring to when she said, “People are gonna judge you either way.”


Gina Talarico’s Instagram account

Her LinkedIn profile

Her website

Join us to hear Tina spill the tea.

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