174: Social Media Improvement Part 2 – Use Stories

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
174: Social Media Improvement Part 2 - Use Stories



On today’s episode, we are continuing our series talking about how you can improve your social media skills to help your real estate business.

On our first episode of this series, we talked about just posting and interacting and talked about how our team and I have all created a successful real estate business.

  • We don’t pay for leads.
  • We don’t buy leads on Zillow.
  • We don’t pay for ads.
  • We just use organic social media growth to grow our business.

I want to help you as well. I’ll briefly describe what stories are. A story is basically a post that you put up that disappears in 24 hours. You can save some in certain categories you can create. Here is the great part about stories. People can interact with you in the story without it being public. When I talk to Realtors out there, a lot of the pushback I get is they get worried that people won’t engage, and then they believe they kind of look like an idiot.

Lessons learned

  • You have to work through some fears and anxieties and just put yourself out there.
  • If you don’t want to put yourself out there, use stories.
  • I’ve gotten many clients through Facebook stories.
  • This is is a huge way to build your business for free.
  • If you are not using stories, you definitely should start because they’re free and there’s so much potential.
  • When you share a story, even if it’s one that disappears in 24 hours, you can see who is viewing. Maybe you see that they look at your story, and right from there, you can message them privately and have a conversation.

Shining example of this

Wendy Norman of Savannah Elopement Package uses reels and stories to promote her photography business and her affordable packages in Savannah, Georgia. Maybe she has friends who are wanting to get married or thinking about eloping and didn’t even know the options available to them. They see a story, message her, and it starts a conversation.

I hope that this helps you and you can think about even this small win using stories on Instagram and Facebook to grow your real estate business.

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