173: Building Client Relationships Through Social Media- An Interview With Wendy Norman

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173: Building Client Relationships Through Social Media- An Interview With Wendy Norman


Who Is Wendy Norman?

Wendy is an award-winning photographer living in the Savannah, Georgia area. She spent the last 12 years photographing joy-filled whimsical wedding days through her business, Apartment B Photography. She’s a single mom to a pug and a rescue cat.

In 2020, she shifted her business to focus on intimate weddings and elopements with the creation of the Savannah Elopement Package, and she recently opened the second branch of the package down in St. Pete, Florida. Wendy is an amazing photographer and business owner. I’ve really enjoyed watching her journey.

We met through the Total Life Freedom community, and we are in the mastermind on Tuesdays together. She does an amazing job of using social media to grow her business by building and connecting with clients.

What I love hearing about Wendy is when she meets clients, they’ll say, “Oh, I feel like I already know you because I follow the stuff you’re doing on Instagram or TikTok.”


“I know I can take good pictures, but what I’ve learned is that being a wedding photographer is so much more than that. We’re a dime a dozen; it’s a commodity at this point. There’s so many wedding photographers, and there’s so many talented ones. So what really sets you apart is your personality and the way you interact with your clients, how much your clients trust you. Really, you spend the most time with a couple on their wedding day than anybody else does. I’m with the bride before she sees her husband on her wedding day, you know?”

Learn all of this and more:

  • How Wendy built a business she loves while she had a full-time job
  • The best piece of advice she received, and from a surprising source
  • What she does to create a great client experience
  • Which five vendors are essential to the Savannah Elopement Package
  • How photographers are like Realtors
  • What solved the burned-out photographer problem she had
  • How social media lets you build a relationship with someone before you meet
  • Why you should pick five interests to mention on social media
  • How to work successfully with your Enneagram type
  • The only way to set yourself apart from your competition

Enjoy a conversation with Wendy and John, who fight—and love each other—like siblings.


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