167: Finding Your Why: An Interview With Ken Hannaman

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
167: Finding Your Why: An Interview With Ken Hannaman


Who is Ken Hannaman?

Ken is an executive with a nationwide fast food chain with the responsibility of 700 plus restaurants. He is also a coach to thousands of people, dog dad to two chihuahuas, and husband to one: his best friend Crystal, with whom he has spent more than 20 years and navigated life in untraditional ways. Author of Ungraduated: Finding your why and dropping out of outdated belief systems, published by Harshman House Publishing, Ken helps people like you change their ways of thinking so they can lead fuller, freer lives.

He is a member of Total Life Freedom and a couple other masterminds, and he is one of the kindest people you could ever hope to meet, and he asks great questions.

“What stories do you want told after you’re no longer here or after you move on from your place of business? And if you can, really carve out and be purposeful with your time. You’re going to find that flow state to where you can knock out a couple hours of something that you probably would have spent mindlessly scrolling Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.”

“I help people realize what a life they can have if they want to go after it. I’ll tie this together from the real estate world is you can look at it as a transaction. You could look at it as get them all done, make money, take care of my family and that’s it. But what if during every single deal that you’re making, you realize you’re impacting people’s lives, you’re setting them up for the next chapter of their life? Whenever you can, correlate and draw in that relatability to who you are, why it matters to you, and what stories you’re going to help people tell as they carve out their new homes and make moves.”

Find out all of this and more:

  • How Ken went from facing prison to being a trusted mentor
  • The realizations he came to regarding education and other systems
  • Which beliefs you can change to get results quickly
  • What Ken says instead of “I’m busy”
  • Ken’s reason for being
  • How fast food work relates to real estate
  • What we are not doing enough of in our businesses


Ungraduated: Finding your why and dropping out of outdated belief systems

Ungraduated podcast

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