160: You Don’t Have To Be The First

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
160: You Don't Have To Be The First


Here is one of the most powerful lessons for me about Apple and how it can apply to your real estate career.


Apple doesn’t do something first; they just do it best.

In some ways, Apple is very techie and cutting edge. But I don’t think that’s where Apple gets their success. I would argue that Apple’s success comes from just doing it better. Apple does not reinvent the wheel.

The iPod many years ago was pretty game-changing, but it was not the first portable music player. Other MP3 players came first. You could say Apple perfected it with the iPod, but they definitely didn’t come first. I remember my first iPod, and the scroll wheel and thinking, oh my goodness, this is the coolest thing ever.

My other MP3 player just played music. The iPod did much more. Apple has done that with all their products.

I have friends who love Samsung and they say, well, Samsung is going to do this and do it first. And I sort of look at those people and say, Great. Well, you guys work out the kinks for a year or two, and then Apple will release it on their next phone better. Apple has never been super creative. They’ve just done it better.

Lesson learned

There is such a lesson here for Realtors. You don’t have to be the first. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just do what you do better than others are doing it.

Are we trying to do a great job and do a better job than other Realtors, or are we wasting time trying to reinvent the wheel?

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We don’t need to do things differently. Just do it better than all the Realtors you see doing it.

It’s so funny that I continue to see agents that are doing all sorts of different things to try to grow their business.

If you will just answer your phone, be a nice person, and build relationships, you would be a great Realtor.

Instead, too many are trying to reinvent the wheel and do things way differently.

They’re trying so hard to change things when the only thing that needs to change is for them to just do a better job. Treating people the right way, building those relationships, caring about clients, really pouring into them, and trying to impact their lives.

Think about this in your business, and apply it.

Are you trying to do something new and different or just trying to be better and do the things a Realtor should be doing?

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