159: We All Want the Same Thing

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
159: We All Want the Same Thing


We all want the same thing.

I want to share with you about an event that happened in April with Phillies third baseman, Alec Bohm. I love the guy, but he’s not a great defender.

There was a game against the New York Mets where Alec Bohm made three errors. If you know anything about Philadelphia and their fans, you know that they can be rough around the edges they want, they get frustrated. They’ll boo.

Philly fans have a bad rap and probably for good reason. The fans got onAlec Bohm after making three errors, and video surfaced of him saying I effing hate this place.

As I said in my interview with Vincent Pugliese, the F did not stand for fantastic, but this is a family show. What’s very interesting to me is not that Alec Bohm cursed and said something he shouldn’t have, or that he said he hates this place because I love Philadelphia and I hate the place most of the time.

Owning a mistake

But what’s very interesting to me about this and how this all comes back to real estate is what happened after the event. He had a very interesting interview where someone asked him if he said that.

Alec owned it. He was clearly shown saying it. After the game, he was asked about it. And in an article, Todd Zalucki said Alec Bohm could have ducked into the back of the clubhouse and not even talked to the reporters that day.

He didn’t. He was at his locker waiting. While he could have denied it and claimed to have said, “I hate these plays,” or “I don’t want to talk about it,” he didn’t. What Todd said is that Alec handled it perfectly.

I guess you’ve got two choices. You can lie and hide from it. Or you can tell them the truth. We want the same thing. We want to play well, we want to win. That’s what they want when they come to the park. That’s what I want when I come to the park. I think honesty and transparency is what they want. They’re not stupid.

I remember reading that article and it was like a mic-drop moment and it related to sports, real estate, everything really: we all want the same thing.

Alec wants to play. He wants to be a part of the Phillies, and the fans want him to be a part of the Phillies. But they want him to perform, and he didn’t perform. So they booed him.

How it relates to real estate

What’s very interesting to me is how much this phrase from him, “We all want the same thing” relates to real estate.

Alec owned that situation. And the fact that he owned it showed a lot of heart and character, even if he shouldn’t have said it and it was wrong, it showed that he at least was willing to own up to his mistakes.

And so I told my friend Noah that they would cheer so loud for him. In the seventh or eighth inning, Alec came up to the plate and pinch hit. The place erupted.

My friend Noah sat there shaking his head, shocked at what had transpired. We all want the same thing. Philadelphia fans want to win. They want to players to play hard and they want them to be honest.

This relates so well to the real estate transaction. You are going to make mistakes. You are, but we all want the same thing. You as a Realtor want your client to get the house. You want your clients to get the house and to settle because you want them to have a home and be happy.

The goal in real estate

Also, your family likes to eat, so you do want to get paid. I’ve said on the show that it’s about the relationships you create. But at the end of the day, it is a job. And so you do want to get paid. We all want the same thing, but how often are we so focused in real estate and so distracted with all the different things going on that we forget that we all want the same thing.

We all want to get to the settlement table. How often do we argue and debate? And, you know, have disagreements with other agents, maybe, you know, the listing agents being, you know, frustrating for one reason or another, maybe the buyer’s agent you’re the listing agent. Maybe the buyer’s agent is doing something you don’t like, but we have to remember like Alec reminded us that we all want the same thing. We all really are on the same team in the real estate transaction.

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