152: Interview with Jorge Avila

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
152: Interview with Jorge Avila


On today’s interview, I am so excited to have Jorge Avila with us.

About Jorge Avila

This episode has so much for you. Here’s a little about Jorge:

  • Realtor in the Dallas area
  • Aims to make the real estate transaction fun, inviting, and seamless for everyone involved
  • Real estate investor and founder of a realty group
  • Extensive background in the industry
  • Deep understanding of buying, selling, negotiating, and local markets
  • Wide array of skills
  • Christian
  • Married father of eight children
  • Homeschooling parent
  • Involved in church and volunteering

Jorge and his wife are in the parenting stage where “We can actually go out on dates now and do dinner together and even get away now and then.” He gives advice to agents who are parents. Being the father of eight children, he has the experience.

Follow the twists and turns Jorge life has taken through the housing bubble, career changes, cross-country moves, and children (eight!) growing up,

Find out the following and more:

  • What is Jorge retirement plan, and is it for you?
  • What motivates him?
  • What do real estate, marriage, and parenting all have in common?

I appreciate you guys so much for listening, and I will see you very soon. If you enjoyed this episode, we would appreciate it. If you’d leave us a review on iTunes. That helps others discover the show. Thank you so much, and we will see you on the next episode.

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