150: I Just Need A Seat At The Table

Real Estate Survival Guide
Real Estate Survival Guide
150: I Just Need A Seat At The Table


Realtors can struggle so much with self-doubt, feeling like they’re not good enough, smart enough, or experienced enough. I want to share with you the mindset shift that I’ve had over the past few months and why I started to believe that all I need to be even more successful is a seat at the table.

The mindset shift

I had been thinking, John, you’re not good enough. You don’t normally list properties like this and. You just don’t have the skills required for a listing like this.

I shifted to thinking, I just need a seat at the table, and I’m halfway there. Then, all I have to do is show the client I am the one for them, and then deliver in a way that makes them want to scream my name from the rooftops.

Here’s how it happened.

• I had been in the mindset of being a hundred-thousand-dollar listing kind of agent. There was a ceiling to the price of the listing I would take, although I didn’t even realize it was there.

• There was an opportunity for me to ask for a million-dollar listing, but I was too scared to ask, and I missed out.

• My limiting beliefs about listing size started to become apparent to others and to me.

• I decided that never again would I miss out on an opportunity due to fear. I would take the next shot.

• The chance came not long after. I borrowed confidence from my mastermind peers, and I took action. I told myself I just need a seat at the table. Once I’m there, I can win the client.

• At the meeting, I presented confidently and showed the potential client what all I would do for them and made it clear that I was the one for them.

• Leaving the meeting, I told myself that I don’t need to be the best Realtor, and that I didn’t necessarily need to get that listing. I just need to get a seat at the table. I just need an opportunity to have the conversations.

• I realized that If I can sell one home in the million-dollar range, I can sell 100, and that would change my life.

• The client listed with me, and I’m so thankful. We listed a few weeks ago and it sold. It all went well.


• If I can do it once (I can—I did!), then I can do it 10, 50, 100 times over.

• If I can do that with million-dollar-plus listings (I can!), I’ll be closer my goal that I’ve shared with you of making more money this year but working less.

• If I can do it, you can do it!

Wherever you’re at in your real estate career, whether you just became a Realtor and haven’t done any deals yet, whether you’re making millions of dollars a year in real estate, I want to encourage you to get a seat at the table. It all starts there. If you can get people to meet with you, then you have won half the battle. If you just get to the table, you’ve given yourself a great opportunity to land the client.

Then you just have to be you and be a great Realtor. I hope this helps.

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John Schuchman is a licensed REALTOR® in Lancaster, PA with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty and a part of the Andrew Welk Group. The opinions shared on this show represent the opinions & values of John Schuchman and do not necessarily represent the opinions & values of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty. The opinions & ideas shared in this podcast do not guarantee or promise any results of success to the listener.

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