Business relationships

Borrowed confidence

Have you heard the term “borrowed confidence”? This post is about that. What is borrowed confidence? Borrowed confidence is a temporary boost to your confidence and belief in yourself or your abilities. Someone else lends that confidence to you because they believe in you even though you don’t believe in yourself at that moment. This…

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Avoiding red flags for real estate agents

This post is about avoiding red flags for real estate agents. I wish I would have known this lesson two or three years ago as I started my real estate career. My hope is that you will learn from it now and benefit from my experience.  Avoiding red flags in potential clients In the past,…

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Who are you putting over?

“Who are you putting over” is a phrase I heard from my mentor and friend Vincent Pugliese. If you have no idea what that phrase means, don’t worry. I didn’t, either. We’re going to get into that right now. Who are you putting over? Vincent talks about this on his podcast in an episode titled…

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