About ME

John Schuchman

John loves sharing the secret to success with social media in your business, and he looks forward to meeting you and helping your business thrive through the power of social media!

REALTOR Coach & Podcast Host ...

If you’re looking for someone who has a strong work ethic and good character, meet John Schuchman. John invests 100% into everything he does. From working with real estate clients to releasing a podcast episode, to coaching other REALTORS, John has a passion for helping those around him “level up.” This means that you benefit every time you interact with him.

... 15+ years in sales

John uses the skills and lessons learned in 15+ years in sales to help those around him grow and develop. A recent client said about John, “He will outwork any other agent.” He has a passion for helping people grow and thrive in their real estate career.

John Schuchman grew up in Reading, PA, and now lives in Lancaster, PA, with his wife Valerie, son Kaiden, and daughter Liliana.

How did John create the podcast?
How did John create the real estate survival guide?